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Wales employee parenting wellbeing training

Invest into your employees wellbeing and improve your company performance with consultancy and training solutions bespoke to your organisation. 

Proudly providing Wales employee wellbeing parenting training since 2016…


Employee wellbeing is so much more than a gym membership and health plan...

As a proactive manager you’ll understand that employees’ lives matter beyond just what they produce at their desk or on the shopfloor. Your employees wellbeing can have a significant impact on their productivity, their attendance, and the quality of what they do when in work.

Not everyone is comfortable with revealing all about their challenges at home; yet by creating a culture where these conversations are compassionate and with tangible positive outcomes available to the employee, you can build a mutually trusting and loyal relationship at all levels of your organisation. From advisory and consultancy services through to workshops and events, we can find a unique solution for your company that will deliver long term satisfaction and performance benefits.

Calm in the Chaos corporate employee wellbeing solutions

Offering bespoke services for organisations that want to support employees and offer innovative solutions and options for their employees.

Working together to create a bespoke solution for your organisation...

Discovery Call

Tell me how I can help your organisation.


I’ll create a bespoke proposal for you to consider.


Working collaboratively to implement your solution


Measuring the impact of the work undertaken

previous client feedback
That was awesome Rach, I loved how much everyone got into it and enjoyed the training. Investing in employee wellbeing training was definitely the right decision for our organisation."
Corporate Lead for Wellbeing
Wales Based Organisation

Why would your employees need parenting and wellbeing training?


Their children are struggling with their health, mental health or have other challenges and this is impacting on attendance

Employee Wellbeing

Employees are saying they feel overwhelmed in their role and need additional support in order to be effective in their role

Family Culture

Internal surveys reveal that family life is a priority for your employees and you want to support the family centric culture

Local Support

Statutory support services only offer courses that require several hours away from the office weekly, and is not conducive for either employee or employer

Employee Productivity

You know family commitments are impacting work life, but your employees do not wish to specify that this is a cause for concern

Unprecedented Change

If your employees are facing unprecedented change (which Covid has shown us has a huge impact) additional support could be beneficial

Supporting your organisation

With compassion and care at the core...


A consultative and training approach for proactive employers

As a responsive and innovative employer who has a desire for their employee’s mental wellbeing to be positive for their personal as well as their professional lives; providing wellbeing training that is focused on family life is the first step in bridging the gap and increasing loyalty and trust in the employee: employer relationship.

The approach at Calm in the Chaos for employee parent wellbeing training focuses on a modern and inclusive perspective of parenting. Taking into consideration the mental load these programmes will support your parent employees to assess their stressors, understand their children’s needs, and how they can reduce their mental load and improve their relationships with their children.

How your business can benefit from employee parent wellbeing training

Your business needs engaged staff with high levels of productivity…

Managing your colleague performance is obviously a top priority for your business.


Business Performance Measures


Helping you to build strategies to manage your business challenges.

Schools &
The Public Sector

Supporting the development of your front line teams

The Third Sector & Charities

Helping you to make an even bigger difference with wellbeing


Wales employee parenting wellbeing training

Get in touch to discuss your employee parenting wellbeing training requirements and let’s embark on your journey to developing your family centric work culture

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