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Getting you sustainable results so that you can enjoy the relationship you have with your children.

My aim is to meet you wherever you are on your journey...

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and it can feel wholly overwhelming at times. I understand, not just from a specialist perspective with over 20 years of working with families of all shapes and sizes, but from a deeply personal level being a single parent myself.  

I completely empathise with the emotional load that being a parent has to bear, and it is that experience coupled with my knowledge that has compelled me to  develop a unique approach to parenting mentorship. Based on the elements of resilience, empowerment and wellbeing, I am able to provide you with effective and long lasting results, whether for your organisation, community initiative or for you as parents.

Parenting mentorship done differently...

If you are looking for a mentor that listens to you and your challenges, seeks to understand your belief system and what drives you and your parenting behaviour and then support with pragmatic and realistic solutions, then we could be a great fit. If you want someone to tell you that your kid is naughty, it probably isn’t going to work…

“I am really passionate about parents and children having awesome connections with one another, and having an attitude of compassion at the core of their thinking”

Rachel xx

The core ethos...


Helping you to build strategies to manage your parenting challenges.


Empowering you to make compassionate and informed decisions. 


Putting wellbeing at the heart of the process at all times.

My core values that define my approach...


There is not one ideal template for a family, and there is definitely not a blueprint for perfect parenting. My core values are based on inclusivity, whatever your parent identity looks like and however you got to this point. You are always welcome at Calm in the Chaos.


I believe firmly that we all need to take responsibility for our own behaviour and the impact that we have on others. By inspiring curiosity in our own belief systems and taking responsibility we can get to better results far quicker. There is no blame game at Calm in the Chaos, that is a key value for me and how I work.


Having respect for ourselves, each other and the world we live in is a core value that sets the foundation for how I work at Calm in the Chaos. Everyone should have a voice that is heard and listened to for impactful and sustainable results for all that are involved in your family relationship.


Working together with openness, honesty and transparency provides the best collaborative environment for working together. I believe passionately in positive collaborations to find meaningful and impactful solutions. When you add in some good humour and positivity then we are all set!

The Calm in the Chaos Vision & Mission...

To create a positive impact on children and young people through forging incredible connections and strong parenting relationships. My mission is to train professionals and develop resources for parents that provide tangible, sensible and sustainable results, with a commitment to continuous learning and evolving based on research and evidence.

A solution led approach developed from 20+ years experience...

Working with children and young people is most definitely a vocation for me. I started my career as a social worker, having the privilege of working with some amazing young people that were in desperate need of compassionate help and support. It was during this time that I truly locked into my superpower – having the ability to translate what a child is saying to their loved ones when there is a clear disconnect. When working with parents one of the things I hear most often is “ahhh that’s what they are trying to say”! We all want to have strong, positive relationships with our children, but sometimes events can happen that cause an interruption. I like to call it an interruption because I firmly believe that with openness, curiosity and compassion, relationships can be redirected onto a wonderful path really quickly – and that feeling is awesome for everyone. 

Whether you are a parent looking for support with your family relationship, or an employer looking to forge a true wellness culture in your organisation, I can help you with pragmatic, empathetic and supportive solutions. Covering all of Wales (and beyond!) – get in touch to kick off a chat about how I can help.

"Inspirational talk - thanks so much!"

Lunch & Learn Workshop Attendee

Practical Self-Care Tips for New Parents

The power of neuro-science...

My approach to working is heavily influenced by the teaching on relationship management from the Gottman Institute. Dr John Gottman is a leading researcher and behavioural analysis expert that has created a unique set of conflict resolution techniques from studying couples and families for decades. His teaching on the neuro-science behind decision making, emotional control, trauma responses and habits gives powerful insight into helping parents with navigating the challenging landscape of bringing up children. You can have confidence that alongside my formal qualifications, my length of experience working with families, and the use of innovative coaching techniques, I can find a solution for you and your family to help you, regardless of your situation.

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